My name is Gillian Church and I love dark, scary stories. I love to read them and I love to write them.

I’m originally from New York, but have spent my entire adult life in New England. I currently live in New Hampshire with my husband, young son, dog, and one very old cat. I work full time writing technical documentation for a software company.

I primarily write short stories and flash fiction, and I post a number of my shorter stories both on my Instagram account (@gilliwrites) and in the Story Archive here. I am currently working on a couple of longer projects, tentatively titled Bittersweet and Ducklings

Outside of writing and work, I love to read, acquire books, spend time in nature, spend time with my family, and dabble in different hobbies from miniatures to gardening. My greatest passion in life is to constantly learn new things, from the history of a town to how to throw an axe. (I’m shockingly decent at throwing axes, for what it’s worth.)

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Useless but fun

♍︎ Ascendant in Virgo

♏︎ Sun in Scorpio

♒︎ Moon in Aquarius

INFP-T (Mediator) Personality

Enneagram Type 4 (Individualist)

Chaotic Good Alignment